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15 December 2015, 01:22

Celebrate 15th Anniversary with Us!

We are turning 15 in December. This is the story of how our company evolved into what it is today, and how we plan to celebrate. Pilot Group Ltd was founded in 2000 by Yanar Evdokimov and his friends, the ‘co-pilots’. The company’s business was general web development. Internet was only starting to infiltrate our lives, and a lot of companies did not have corporate websites or any online representation whatsoever. Pilot Group was doing different custom projects. PG Real Estate script was built in about 2005. The product found his niche so we employed sales and support managers, designers, testers and other specialists to support and develop the project. Over 10 years, PG Real Estate changed the platform, several designs, we released several dozen releases, built Marketplace for PG Real Estate modules, add-ons and services and developed mobile applications for iOS and Android. Today PG Real estate - is a full-featured solution for real estate professionals and entrepreneurs. Our customers can choose between a free open code and enhance it with modules and add-ons from our Marketplace and ready packages. The same marketplace allows everyone to post and sell add-ons, design themes, and offer their services for our products. We constantly working on PG Real estate to improve and adapt it to the modern reality. Quite recently we have announced new hosted solution, so that our customers can start their online real estate business as easy as pie. In our near-term plans we have CRM integration and responsive design. As we approach the big date,...
15 December 2015, 01:22

Google Search Engine Ranking Factors

Sites' positions in Google search results are determined based on hundreds of factors designed to provide end-users with helpful, accurate search results. These factors are explained in more detail at How Search Works [1]. In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share. Northcutt agency, providing Inbound Marketing services, published 261 factors of ranging of a Google search engine. Here are some of them, you must pay attention to: Concrete Positive On-Page Factors: - Keyword in URL - Keyword in Title Tag - Internal Link Anchor Text - Keyword in Domain Name - Use of HTTPS (SSL) - Fresh Content - Quality Outbound Links - Mobile Friendliness - More Inbound Links to Domain - Links from Relevant Sites - Keyword Anchor Text - Keyword in ALT Text - Internal Link Anchor Text Negative On-Page Factors: - Single Pixel Image Links - Empty Link Anchors - Broken Internal Links - Thin Content - Too Many Ads - Duplicate Content (3rd Party) - Linking to Penalized Sites - Slow Website - Automatically Generated Content On-page Factors, which may affect the ranking, but the power of this impact is undefined: - DMOZ Listing - Low Bounce Rate - Facebook Sharing - Google+ “+1’s” You can check the whole list of factors here [2]. If you are planning to start or have already started your Real Estate site, check the list below. It may help to improve your site rank. [1] https://www.google.com/intl/en_us/insidesearch/howsearchworks/index.html [2] https://northcutt.com/wr/google-ranking-factors/
15 December 2015, 01:22

Twitter Ads are now available in over 200 countries and territories

Recently, Twitter announced the expansion of  its self-service ads platform from 33 countries to over 200 countries and territories. Now, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from Honduras to Hong Kong can more effectively reach their target audiences on Twitter in 15 languages. Now an active advertiser auditory includes approximately 100,000 people. The update also allows advertisers to target any country in the world. In the near future, Twitter wants to add targeting by state, region or zip code. The full list of supported countries is available here [1] on the map or in the list here [2]. [1] https://business.twitter.com/geography-and-language-targeting?location=na&lang=en [2] http://marketingland.com/twitter-ads-are-now-available-pretty-much-everywhere-141113
15 December 2015, 01:22

Fear Stops Potential Entrepreneurs Launching Businesses

Recently, virgin.com published a research of Dr Philipp K Berger on how is it that this debilitating fear affects potential entrepreneurs? It’s something that researcher Dr Philipp K Berger knows all about, back in 2010 he toyed with the idea of starting his own business but found himself worrying about taking the leap. “Even though starting a company was completely my dream, I found myself confronted with a lot of irrational fear that I really could not explain,” he tells the Wall Street Journal. “Even if the company failed I was sure I would get another good job afterwards so objectively there was no reason to fear.” Eventually he launched the business – a sushi restaurant chain with automated production – and at the same time explored the relationship between fear and entrepreneurship in his PhD thesis. “People are less fearful if they have leadership experience and an intrinsic motivation to start a company,” he says. “The sex of the entrepreneur also matters. Females tend to be more fearful about founding a company, even though they have the same success chances once they actually do. A lot of the entrepreneurship potential of women is untapped.” Unsurprisingly, his research also found that people who had a high self-estimation of their abilities also had lower fear – and thus a higher chance of actually doing something with their ideas and founding companies. However, he does point out that this has nothing to do with actual competency, so there’s a chance that these entrepreneurs aren’t the...
15 December 2015, 01:22

Meet the New PG Real Estate Product Manager

Anne Dolgoborodova is the new product manager for PG Real Estate [1] – ready-to-go solutions for real estate agents, brokers, companies and entrepreneurs. Anne graduated as translator / interpreter in the English, French and Russian languages. After graduation she landed a job at Pilot Group where she started out as a member of sales team, providing assistance and advice to our customers. After that she moved on to managing customization projects in the custom development team as a project manager, delivering dozens of projects, big and small. It greatly increased her skills in cooperation with developers and in better understanding of people’s needs . On joining our organization she shows several strong characteristic, she is excellent team player, showing enthusiasm and insight for completion of her task assigned. We wish Anne every success in her future endeavors, and we will be supporting her along the way. [1] http://www.realtysoft.pro/
15 December 2015, 01:22

How To Be More Persuasive

In real estate, persuasion can take you far, whether it's finding ways to save your clients money in a negotiation or trying to court new business. Scott Yancey, CEO of the startup CloudWords, shares the following tips for making a persuasive case in business: 1. Make a data-driven case. Convincing someone to agree with your idea or approach typically requires a little more than saying, “Trust me.” You need research, facts, and evidence to support your claims. Be sure to cite credible resources so your audience knows your information is reliable. 2. Be your own “devil’s advocate.” Know the opposing side of the argument.That way, when encountering others who are new to this idea or vision and who will  innately try to find holes in the story, you  have all the data or arguments to convince otherwise. 3. Know your audience. Who are you talking to? Tailor your message accordingly.If you know your audience’s preferences and priorities, you can craft your messages to better resonate and engage with them. 4. Pay attention and eagerly discuss objections. Listen to your audience’s objections or criticisms, and don’t dismiss opposing viewpoints. Come across as excited about objections, as it shows you’re not defensive and gives confidence in the person you’re persuading that you genuinely want their feedback and are seeking the best resolution — not just your resolution. 5. End with a call to action. Make it easy for your audience to go along with your idea. Close with a call to action and identify the necessary next steps that need to take place. Remember, even the most effective...
15 December 2015, 01:22

PG Real Estate: August Lottery Winner

Meet Jolomi Dediare, our new lottery winner. Our managers will contact you and consult on how to get you 100$. Try PG Real Estate software [1]and take a chance in our lottery.   [1] http://realtysoft.pro
15 December 2015, 01:22

Monetization of Real Estate Portal

PG Real Estate software is a ready to use solution for real estate professionals and entrepreneurs. Software is represented in two editions: real estate site and real estate portal. The basic idea of offering two different editions is the following: Real Estate Site is built for real estate agents, brokers and agencies. All properties are listed only by authorized team members. The website is used as a catalogue of listings to attract more prospective buyers. Real Estate Portal represents a real estate portal with guest registration, moderation tools, paid services, communication tools, comments and ratings. Properties are listed by guest who registers as a private persons, agents or agencies. In this article we will discuss Real Estate portal and monetization tools which it possesses.  PG Real Estate Portal edition offers a wide range of paid services, subscriptions and banner ads. Let’s study them out one by one below. Paid services 1. Contact user. Listing’s owner contact details are hidden. In order to contact him/her, user has to pay. Service allows to set a price for a certain number of contacts. Once the information is opened, it won’t hide again. 2. Featured agents (companies) and Featured listings. The software offers an option to add 3 dynamic blocks on the index page for features agents, companies and listings. You set it as a paid service and user can purchase a place into this block on the index page of the site for his/her profile and listings. 3. Highlight listing in search. The service allows to highlight listing in search results with a special background color. 4. Lift...
15 December 2015, 01:22

PG Real Estate: New Lottery Winner

Our new lottery winner is Alessandro Bergamin. He requested online demo of PG Real Estate software [1] and now can receive $100 on his PayPal account. Alessandro, our manager will contact you to discuss the details. [1] http://realtysoft.pro
15 December 2015, 01:22

4 Simple Steps for Local SEO Success

Nowdays, it is not a problem to start your real estate business online. The market offers a great variety of ready-to-go cms solutions, so that you dont need any programming skills or technical education. What becomes a problem is a site promotion and below we will quoted the article by Peter Roesler on how to help local business owners increase traffic to their website and businesses. 1. Establish Google My Business Profile Just as Google is the starting point for SEO on desktop, the giant of search is where business owners need to start for planning their local SEO strategy. Google's local platform is called Google My Business, which took the place of Google Places. Local business owners should set up a Google My Business profile as soon as possible. In order to get a verified listing, which benefits the website in local searches, the business will need to have Google call a physical phone at the location or get a postcard sent to the address and use the verification code. Getting a verified profile will help with SEO because it means the page will turn up in local searches. So if a person searches for delis and a zip code (or use the phrase "Near Me"), the Google My Business locations that are listed as delis will show in the map on search results. If some searches for the specific business, the Google My Business profile will give information about the business, like hours of operations or reviews directly on the right hand side of...